Water / Sewer

There shall be due and payable an annual fee referred to as a minimum charge, billed quarterly and payable pursuant to the payment schedule set forth in 222-11.

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Water/Sewer Due Dates

1st Quarter – Due February 25th 

2nd Quarter – Due May 25th

3rd Quarter – August 25th

4th Quarter – November 25th

**** NJ Shares Assistance ~ tenant utility assistance.

Excess Usage Billing

Meters are read quarterly for excess usage billing.

  • It is included with the February, May, August and November bills
  • Interest is calculated at the same rate as taxes
  • If prior year's utility charges remain unpaid by December 31, they are subject to tax sale
  • You may submit a request for canceling Sewer Excess due to a pool filling ~ see form below
  • 2023 Water & Sewer Rates (PDF)

Scheduling Water / Sewer Service

You may submit a request for the following service(s) ~ forms below, or call 732.449.8444, x2601 for any of the following:

  • Turn on / turn off service
  • Repairs
  • Meter tests
  • Re-read of the quarterly bill
  • ***Final Read Request ~ separate form below

For mark outs >> 800-272-1000

***Final readings should be done when selling the property, renting a home, apartment or business. Name changes on sales will be updated upon receipt of the recorded deed. Anyone can order a final reading, including the owner, tenant, Realtor, or attorney. See below for a Final Read request form

Water / Utility Forms