Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee

Help Wall's environment ... and help yourself!

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The WTEAC is comprised of volunteer members from the community, who are appointed by the Township Committee, to contribute their skills and talents on environmental activities.


The Committee is established to assist in the protection, development and use of natural resources, including water resources, located within the territorial limits of the township.

The Committee shall also provide environmental education and information to the community by utilizing various projects and activities in implementing these objectives.

The Committee consists of volunteer members representing different sectors in the community:

• Wilma J. Morrissey, Chairwoman
• Rich Mertens, Vice Chairman
• Suzanne Klinger, Secretary
• Trish Longo McCarthy
• Ed Loud
• Ellen Smith
• Joe Balesterri
• Bob Baumgartner
• John Vanderslice
• Committeeman Cliff Hoffman,
Liaison: Wall Township Committee


The WTEAC builds on its successes.  Some of our goals for the coming year, include, but are not limited to the following.

We are proud of:

Our 22nd Environmental Poster Award Ceremony held on Sunday, May 20 at the Wall Township Municipal Complex.

Our 18th Environmental Essay Award Ceremony held on Wednesday, June 6 at Wall High School.

Our 15th Environmental Poetry Award Ceremony held on Wednesday, May 23 at the Wall Intermediate School.

The WTEAC covers grades 1 through 12 in the Wall Township School District providing opportunities for students to express themselves creatively while at the same time making students aware of their environment.

The WTEAC believes that the time to educate our children about our environment is in the early years. Therefore, we were pleased with our 6th Arbor Day Celebration of planting a tree which took place this year at Wreck Pond on Friday, April 27.

Participation in Kids Day America demonstrating the Enviroscape and educating kids on run-off pollution on Saturday, September 22.

Annual participation and celebration of global Earth Hour (turning off lights for an hour from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) on Saturday, March 31.

The 8th Annual Environmental Summit featuring our District 30 legislators, Senator Robert Singer and Assemblyman Dave Rible will again be held on Thursday, September 13. This summit will be open to the community for environmental questions-and-answers of interest to the public.

Visit the WTEAC Rain Garden on Bailey Corner and Ocean Road and the WTEAC Native Garden..  For additional information on starting a rain or native garden, please feel free to contact the WTEAC.  Garden maintenance of the WTEAC Allenwood Native Garden and the WTEAC Rain Garden took place on Saturday, June 9.

Setup of environmental booth at the Wall Fair on June 28 until July 1.

Create and produce articles and brochures on environmental topics of interest.

Review site plans.

Community Outreach: Creation of Wall Township Clean Water and Lawn Conservation Program. Residents may earn a Certificate of Appreciation for taking conservation measures.

Created WTEAC/Green Team in order to qualify for certification in the Sustainable Jersey Certification Program.

Collaborated with Eric Kosinski, Troop 82, in constructing a self-guided environmental nature trail for Eagle Scout status. The Community Park “Old Nature Trail” Dedication was held on Sunday, Earth Day, April 22.

The WTEAC has special monthly guests at times and recommends workshops for its members. Other activities may take place during the year.

Please download a copy of our WTEAC Brochure - it is a two-sided publication, so you will need to download both sides: side 1 | side 2

The WTEAC considers it a pleasure and privilege to serve our Wall Township residents and Township Committee. The Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee, which offers advice to the Township Committee and the Planning Board, offers a warm welcome to residents who wish to volunteer to assist in the work of the WTEAC.

Help Wall's environment... and help yourself. Wilma Morrissey, Chairperson. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 139, Allenwood, NJ 08720. For more info, or should you have any suggestions, recommendations, or environmental issues that need to be resolved, e-mail WilmaMorrissey@optonline.net.