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1. When is a permit required?
2. My water heater broke on a Friday night, do I need to wait until Monday and get a permit before I have it replaced?
3. Do I need a permit to re-roof my house?
4. Do I need a permit to reside my house?
5. What are the Building Department’s hours?
6. When are inspections performed?
7. Can I request a specific time for inspections?
8. What is the best time to talk to an inspector?
9. What forms will I need for my permit application?
10. Can I use forms from another town?
11. Can I draw the construction drawings myself or do I need an architect?
12. How many copies of the construction drawing do I need to submit with my application?
13. What needs to be on the construction drawings?
14. How long will it take to get my permit after I make an application?
15. Do I need a permit for a shed?
16. Do I need a permit to put up a fence?
17. When is a permit required for a pool?
18. I’m having replacement windows installed, do I need a permit?
19. How are the fees for permits calculated?
20. My neighbor is doing work and I don’t think they have a permit can an inspector come check it out?
21. Do I need a permit to repair or replace my deck?
22. I want to install a back-up generator, where on my property can it be placed?
23. What codes are used in Wall Township?