Bulk Pickup Days


[bulk]The Township has been divided into four zones, each having one designated bulk pickup day on a Wednesday each month. This bulk pickup day will take place unless the date in question falls on a Township holiday. See the map to determine your zone. On your designated bulk pickup day, the Township will pick up household furniture, household appliances and other bulky household items. This pickup is only for bulk items and not for regular household refuse, recyclable materials or other materials of any kind. Bulk items must be placed in an orderly fashion at the curb prior to 5:30am on the day of your bulk pickup. Do not put materials out for bulk pickup until the Monday before your scheduled pickup.

It should be noted that the Township does not provide curbside pickup of tires or building materials. For a small fee they may be disposed of at the Recycling Center located at Tiltons Corner Road. A fee is charged due to the fact that the Township must pay a premium to get rid of building materials and tires.

Also not picked-up will be concrete products, bricks, pesticides, batteries of any kind or propane tanks. Bulk items may be taken to the Recycling Center on White Boulevard. No commercial bulk or contractors permitted.