Brush & Leaves


Brush will be picked up during the months of May, June, September, and October starting the Monday of your bulk pickup week. Please put brush at curbside, 4 feet in length, maximum pile size 4 feet x 3 feet x 8 feet, neatly piled. Please put brush out the weekend before your bulk week and pickup will start on that Monday.  Spring and Fall schedules will be posted on the Township website, in the Township newsletter and the Coast Star.
Brush Includes
:  Seagrass, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Bamboo.

NOT Included
:  Cornstalks, Hay Bales, Leaves, Grass, Pine Needles and Dirt. (cornstalks, hay bales and grass clippings must be brought to the Township Recycling Centers)


Leaves will be picked up in the months of April, November, and December.  Collection will be done in accordance with the recycling schedule.  Spring and Fall schedules will be posted on the Township website and in the Coast Star. 

Leaves will be picked up with vacuum-type machines. Leaves must be put at the edge of the road neatly and are not to be mixed with any vine materials, twigs, or evergreen prunings. Please do not put leaves in plastic bags as they will not be picked up.


Grass clippings are accepted at the recycling center on Tiltons Corner Road; grass clippings are never picked up.