Clerk's Office

Township Clerk's Office

Welcome to the Township Clerk's office. The Township Clerk is a statutory position with many responsibilities. Some of the core duties include:
  • Preparing agendas for governing body meetings
  • Attending all meetings of the governing body and preparing and maintaining minutes
  • Maintaining copies of all resolutions and ordinances
  • Acting as the administrative officer for all elections held in the township
  • Issuing certain licenses and permits
  • Assessing searches for and liaison to the public on behalf of the governing body
Contacting the Township Committee
The office is also your direct link to the Township Committee. Any questions you may have for our Mayor or committee members should be directed to our office at 732-449-8444, or email us.

Wall Township Committee Members

Dog Licensing

Dog licenses (PDF)
 are renewable every year by January 31. 
The fees are $12 for spayed or neutered dogs and $15 for all others. If payment is received after January 31, the fees are $17 and $20.  Applications are mailed in December.

State law requires that if you dog's rabies vaccination expires before October 31 of the current licensing year, the dog must be revaccinated in order to obtain a current license. A dog census is performed every other year in the township. 

Dog License Application Requirements (PDF) Remove this file

 Click here to view the 2016 Fall Rabies Clinic Schedule.

Food Licensing

The Wall Township Board of Health maintains all food licenses.